Quick Blast: Alexandra & Moel Tryfan Quarries

After a busy day at work the weather man said it would be a decent evening for photography, so how could I refuse? With little time to wander round I headed somewhere easy – Moel Tryfan. I always like going to Fron, it’s a strange little village but with so much interesting stuff surrounding it! Anyway, I got to the quarries and it was still spitting rain, but there was some great light from the low sun over Caernarfon so I got snapping.

I only made a quick pass through the pits and out to the top of Alexandra quarry and back again before running out of light but it did allow a few half decent photos and a good idea of what to see next time I’m in the area.

As an aside I was most gutted to see that the Vron Quarry Mill has been demolished. It was still standing last time I visited the area, and I’d hoped to get a snap or two on this visit. Still it’s that ever changing nature of these places that draws me back. Anyway, on with the pictures!

Rhos G
Moel Tryfan Quarry Moel Tryfan Quarry
Alexandra & Moel Tryfan Alexandra & Moel Tryfan
All Yellow II
Moel Tryfan Quarry Moel Tryfan Quarry Moel Tryfan Quarry Moel Tryfan Quarry Moel Tryfan Quarry
Moel Tryfan Quarry Cors Y Bryniau / Alexandra
And it was all yellow Cors Y Bryniau / Alexandra
Moel Tryfan
Cors Y Bryniau / Alexandra Moel Tryfan & Alexandra
Moel Tryfan & Alexandra
Alexandra & Moel Tryfan Moel Tryfan & Alexandra

Chwarel Yr Eifl

Seemed a bit breezy at home, but that wouldn’t stop me, I was more worried about the cloud cover. Trouble was it was blowing a gale up in Llithfaen as I set off for Yr Eifl! I managed to make it there though and was amply rewarded! There was a mist over the horizon allowing masses of light rays which made for a great backdrop, with fast moving clouds creating a dance of light across the landscape all around. If only I’d had a little more time I’d have loved to make it down to the crusher house and explore the interiors of some buildings on site, but never mind, I’m more than happy with what I came away

Yr Eifl o'r Bwlch
Nant Gwrtheyrn o'r Bwlch Chwrael Yr Eifl
Chwrael Yr Eifl
Chwrael Yr Eifl Chwrael Yr Eifl
Chwrael Yr Eifl Caergybi, Ymhell ar draws y môr Chwarel Yr Eifl Chwarel Yr Eifl
Chwarel Yr Eifl

Ffestiniog Railway: Steam 150 (May 2013)

Managed to find time between work to go to this but managed to miss just about everything I had really wanted to see! Never mind, got some good practice in with the 70-210 and even the 17-50 got a good workout. In fact for a change it was the 11-16 that was lagging behind in usage! Saturday was spent entirely in and around Boston Lodge, and Monday was a walk from Boston Lodge all the way to Dduallt. The weather was fine clear skies on Monday, not ideal at all, much better on Saturday with dappled cloud and the odd really dark brooding sky mixing things up and keeping the light interesting!

Steam 150 (Saturday)
Polishing a dome.... Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday)
Traditional Lunch! Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday)
Steam 150 (Saturday) Steam 150 (Monday)
Steam 150 (Monday)
Steam 150 (Monday) Steam 150 (Monday)

More procrastination!

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I am ashamed I have been away for so long. Basically I bought a project car – meaning all the days where I’d normally be out with a camera were taken up wielding tools and swearing at my new purchase, then I damaged my old ankle injury again which further hindered things, but anywho, the car is in the paint shop and I’m back to hobbling about with the camera!

I managed to make it to Maenofferen in Blaenau in March, though I clean forgot to post about it here (another sorry!), followed by an unsuccessful venture in Golwern due to manky weather and then just the other night I decided to head over to Trefor to watch the sun go down, so here’s a selection.

Maenofferen Slate Quarry
Sled Track Diffwys Casson Slate Quarry
Diffwys Casson Slate Quarry
Maenofferen Slate Quarry
Smithy Valley of Man
Diffwys Casson Mill 6
Sunset @ Trefor Sunset @ Trefor
Trefor Sunset, Red Sky Green Water

As always, prints are available at http://www.quarryscapes.co.uk

2013 kicks off in….you guessed it, Dinorwig!

It was supposed to be foggy everywhere yesterday, and it certainly was at home, so I headed for Dinorwig as I had a plan. It was of course not so foggy up there, even near the top! Didn’t expect too much, but thought I’d see how well my new Fuji S5 compares with my old S3 for colour under such conditions and plodded on. Turns out it was a good idea, though I wasn’t there long a handful of opportunities presented themselves and the S5 managed fine, even as the last embers of light faded away.

Dinorwig 3-1-13

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A look back at 2012

Well it is the end of the year afterall! 2012 for me was a year of experimentation, trying new things and learning. Not all has been successful, but hopefully I can use this new found knowledge to good effect in 2013.  The biggest change in 2012 was a move to home developed film. This meant a massive overhaul in gear, losing all my digital gear in favour of  an Olympus OM film system. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake, and I’m now back with a DSLR as well, though film is still one of my main passions in photography.

A Winter's Dream Poochy Two Shot
Rain's Here!
Slatey Serpent Penrhydd Bach
Garrett Inclines II (Ektar) Y Ceiliog Gwyrdd Warren Sunset Goalposts On Stony Ground

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Llyn Dywarchen

Llyn Dywarchen

I was hoping for some more snow on the ground but sadly it wasn’t to be. So we’ll make do with these two monochromes instead.

Empty Uplands

Also whilst I’m here note that I’ve been calibrating my new laptop screen, it was way worse than I thought so some old pics are getting reprocessed to bring back into the visible spectrum again!

An afternoon in the Meirionydd Gold belt

Pistyll Cain & Rhaeadr Mawddach

Not half as fun as you’d think that’s to the weather! After severe storms on Thursday ravaging Gwynedd I figured waterfalls would be a sure bet on Firday, so I headed down to Pistyll Cain & Rhaeadr Mawddach in the hills behind Ganllwyd. I’m not a fan of dull weather waterfalls that seem oh so popular with amateurs but on this occasion there was no choice, the weatherman lied about clear skies and rain was the order of the day.

Pistyll Cain & Rhaeadr Mawddach

No matter, the falls are difficult to photograph anyway as all the best angles are made impossible by the topography of the area.

Pistyll Cain & Rhaeadr Mawddach>

On the way home a little dejected I was treated to a slight consolation prize in the form of some pleasing colours over Trawsfynydd, which I think makes up for the poor form at the falls.

Llyn Trawsfynydd

A Nantlle Autumn

First time back in a Quarry after my accident, and it wasn’t a good idea biologically, but photographically I think it paid off nicely!

Talysarn Autumn Slate & Trees
Talysarn Autumn

First off was a nose around the Talysarn quarry, then carry on up to Blaen y Cae. A Gorse bush has grown over one of my favourite views so it’s now not possible! That only took 18 months – that stuff grows fast!

Survivors Talysarn Autumn
Relentless march of winter Tie the knot
Dorothea Talysarn Autumn

Anyway, the light was wonderful, constantly changing from blue skies with fluffy clouds to full on menacing blackness!

Talysarn Autumn
Talysarn Autumn

Having filled up my memory cards I headed for home, but the light over the sea was unavoidable, so I stopped off at Aberdesach where I quickly made room for a handful more shots and managed to capture a particularly aggressive looking sunset. Well almost a sunset anyway. Rain and full memory cards intervened so I didn’t get the actual setting, but it can be done another day!

Aberdesach cyn machlud a glaw!

Windows 7 drivers for Minolta scanners

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about making old Minolta scanners to work on Windows 7 (or Vista for that matter) but it’s actually straightforward enough They run fine under Vuescan as is, but to use the Minolta software you need a new driver – here.

To install run the Minolta software installer. Make sure the scanner is not connected. Once installed and rebooted, plug the scanner in and fire it up. The Minolta software will say there’s nothing connected, Windows will ask you for drivers. Point them to the inf file linked at the top, let it install and job done. Restart the Minolta software and it will now run like normal.

Hope that’s of use to some of you!