Rhosydd & Cwmorthin

Time to get the Photos Rolling!

These were all taken on January 20th 2011, a perfect blue sky day, but the hills were incredibly icy in the shadows!

I stopped for lunch at the Cwmorthin Quarry barracks, and naturally fired off  few shots. It’s a strangely quiet place, seems a million miles away from nearby Blaeanu.

Mid-day sun in Rhes Cwmorthin

As I sat in the window of one of the barracks, I was passed by the farmer, who carried on up the valley, he in his Kubota mini truck and his sheepdog running alongside – how similar to my own Dexter,my Kelpie who seems to detest car travel! I caught up with him as he was just about to make his way down the valley again at the other end, arriving too late to catch the sheep movingin action. Never mind, it was all in shadow anyway I tell myself.

Farming in Cwmorthin

The whole track up the valley may as well have been a glacier. Very few patches had seen any sun that day, so I spent most of the trek in the frozen marshland, which was far safer than the official path!

Capel Rhosydd

Capel Rhosydd

Being a short January day, and being on the other side of a hill from the retreating sun, I didn’t get very long to shoot anything at Rhosydd quarry. Still it gives me an excuse to go back. It’s been 5 years since I first visited, and very little seems to have changed.

Rhosydd level 9

Rhosydd Barracks, 9 level

The gable wall on the Norh terrace of 9 level barracks is looking a bit worse for wear these days though.

During my short I did get to have a good play round with f1.8 on the GH1, but sadly the lack of light in the right places had to cut short my exploration. A far better trip than the first attempt, when I’d come up unprepared in just a T shirt, naturally the heavens opened at Rhosydd, and the descent to Tanygrisiau was somewhat cold and rather memorable!

Old Winch

Home-made Winch

Finally, a very careful trip back down the valley and back home for a nice warming brew!


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