What’s this button do?

Ooh this looks like fun! Or more accurately, this looks like a good way to spend the days I’m trapped indoors by non photogenic weather!

So let’s begin! Here I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself a little bit, I’m Alan (or Richard, or even Ray), and I like to take photgraphs. Not just any, but specifically dark, atmospheric ones centred on the bygone extraction industries that used to operate in these parts. These abandoned holes in the ground offer an interesting and rather poignant snapshot of times gone by, so wherever there’s rusty metal or crumbling masonary, you can find me there pointing a camera at it

For the record I shoot in both digital and good olf film. Photograhy is my passion, so you can expect a few deviations into the technicalities of photo equipment from time to time. What do I like photographically? Well I guess what I really like to see is gritty, high contrast B&W. There’s only a few things I hate in photography, and they would be overdone HDR, stupidly long exposure water shots and the over used pier/pontoon in a lake or lone pebble on a beach shots. Everything else stands a fair chance!

Right, that’s the intro out of the way,  now then, on with business!


3 responses to “What’s this button do?

  1. Hi Alan

    We are both CCUK members which is where I follwowed you onto your site. I use digital for my pro work but for my own fun I am an avid film user – I just love the 70s and 80s film SLRs. I started with a pentax spotmatic (actually 60s) whch I still use, moved through the Olympus OMs (love the OM4) then got hooked on Nikon (still use a FM2n and everday an F4) Then I got into MF about 10 years ago – Rolliecord and then Hassie. The latter I have just sent off for a well deserved service and am looking forward to putting some Etkar through it when it comes back so I was interested in your comments and pictures on the film. Like you I don’t do photography for a living but do take on some commissions. I have a few pictures here http://www.photographersdirect.com/garethdavies Black and white is all home done and yes I have a had a fair few disasters loading film onto the spirals ……….

    I really enjoyed looing at your pics. Thanks

    • Hi Gareth, good to hear from a fellow film nut and a Celica owner to boot! Make sure you bracket your Ektar, not so much for exposure lattitude, but because it changes colour dramtically as the exposure varies even slightly!

      • Hi Alan
        I have loaded my first Ektar into the Hasselblad which means I don’t get much chance to bracket (only 12 shots per film!) but I will be interested to see whether the colours are correct. You need to learn the tricks of a new film. Some old film hacks who have long since been forced into the digital age regret the fact that you could have a special look using particular types of film whereas now there is a sameness with digital capture and it is difficult to create your own ‘signature’.
        I will let you know how I get on.
        ps car has just passed its French MOT equivalent so at 20 years old it is good for another 2 years (at least). Like cameras, they don’t build them like that anymore ….

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