Wreck of the Amy Summerfield

There’s a lot of jagged rusty metal in Nant Gwrtheyrn, never really paid much attention to a lot of it as kid, except the obviously railway related bits. One of the bigger collections of scrap iron is ‘Amy Summerfield’, a coastal steamer built in 1921.

Wreck of the Amy SUmmerfield

Amy Summerifeld

The full strory can be found on Rhiw.com, along with some archive photos.

Boiler & Bow

I first visited last year, duinring my E520 Training day, and took a few photos but none that I was really that impressed with, but today I finally returned, this time brandishing an OM2 + 25-50mm and a GH1 + 14-45mm and an all important Infra Red filter, used on both the photos here.


There isn’t a lot left to see. Her bow has been half buried by sand since the 1980s pics on Rhiw.com, but is still there. You’d certainly never guess that anything there today was originally a boat!


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