Nant Gwrtheyrn revisited


Lathe belt drive

A quick visit before the hordes descend was made on the 14th of March, primarily to shoot a couple of pics of the Amy Summerfield down on the beach, but how could I resist a venture into the quarry at Porth y Nant?

Ever since I found out about the old lathe down there I’ve been a bit obsessed with photographing it, so of course I did so again on this visit.

There’s a new path being built down to the beach as I’m writing this, and a lot of fencing going up. Who knows this may have been the last chance in the quarry.

Quary Wagon

Quarry Wagon

I had  a hunt around for alternative ways into the quarry, thought I’d found one but it only takes you along a dead end level. Some interesting remains along it, but would require a climb up a waste tip to get to the main quarry area.

Pedestal cap

Pedestal Cap

Instead I decided to scramble down the tip to the remains of a non typical wagon at Porth y Nant. It’s a woodne bodied side tipper, to the same design as those at Penmaenmawr. There is also another chassis to the same design higher up the mountainside.

This level does conveniently lead to plenty of rusty remains, so it wasn’t a total loss. There’s this nice cast Iron Pedestal caplying beside the food of a rock chute/ What’s most curious is that the rock chute ends almost directly above the top of another which leads to the bins by the pier, quite whyit was constructed in 2 pitches I don’t know.

The collection of rock chutes almost resemble a miniature Great wall of China as they climb the lofty crags of the mountainside.

Rock Chute

Rock Chutes

All these shots have been duplicated on film, but I have yet to develop them. Maybe they will be worthy of theis own post in time.


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