The age of miniaturisation?

Certainly not in cameras! I’ve just purchased an old Pentax Super A film SLR, and with a 50mmf1.7 SMC on the front, the major shock is it’s exactly the size of my m4/3 GH1! Surely this can’t be? the GH1 is the smallest DSLR available (albeit it loses the mirror to achieve this), even regular 4/3 DSLRs are massive in comparison – yet here I am holding a 20 year old ‘Full frame’ tank, and it’s exactly the same size as my miniature digital system!

Seems the camera industry has had a bit of a trend reversal going on for some time in the last 2 decades, and has only just realised t trend in everything else for going smaller!

My Super A with Cosinon 40mm f2.5 pancake

Now then, on a more serious note – Film is loaded in the Super A and it’s ready to roll!


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