Gorseddau Slate Quarry

On a fine and bright day such as this it’s hard to get dark and dramatic with your photos. Still, worth a shot, and I need to loose some weight so a walk up Cwm Ystradllyn it is!

I made an attempt at taking Lexie there years ago, that was defeated by the mudy wet pathway, well I say path, it is of course the bed of the Gorseddau tramway.

I’m happy to report I made it all the way to the quarry today, and I’m glad I did! Perfect Infra Red weather up there, so naturally the filter came out and a few long exposures later, a few crackers emerged. Well at least I think they’re crackers.

I shall return with some more interesing light, I promise! I will also have some of the film shots from this occasion by then too. (Using the new Pentax Super A and 19-35mm for all the shots the Panasonic’s 28-90 equivalent can’t handle)

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