Film Camera Addiction and Lens Testing

Well I guess it’s no secret. I’ve been hoarding old film cameras for a while, but not the old vintage collectable lark, no, functional useful SLRs.

So far I’ve had a few pas through my doors, OM10, OM2SP (still here), OM30, Pentax Super A (Still here), Pentax ME (still here) as well as an ever expanding collection of usually cheap off brand lenses full of fungus.

I’ve recently take to doing a small bit of testing with each one to see just how poor they really are. So far only one truly awful lens has been found – the Sigma 70-210mm f4.5/5.6 UCii. Terrible doesn’t quite cut it for this lens, and I’ve put it up against a truly off brand Focal MC 135mm riddled with fungus. (surprisingly not a bad lens!)

The results of this testing can be found here. 

So what am I going to do about my addiction? Well nothing really. Anything I don’t like much goes back on ebay, anything I do like gets kept, and even if it doesn’t get used often, I will find a use for it. Take the Pentax ME. Never  a camera I considered owning, but I found this one with an SMC-M 40mm f2.8 on the front for a real bargain price. Thinking I’d just keep the lens I bought it. However I’ve fallen for the ME a bit. It’s so basic, little better than point and shoot with it’s permanent Aperture priority, but it has a charm about it.That’s now led to more gear addiction, and I’m now on the hunt for an ME super and an MX to add to the collection, both cameras I’d discounted from wanting when on the search for my Super A.

Oh well, you can never have enough cameras, or can you?


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