Dinorwic II – XP2 Edition

Spent a couple of days over the last month in Dinorwic with a like minded phtographer for a change! Day 1 was bright but clouds managed to get the better of the light, whilst day 2 started off in drizzle and ended in a beautiful sunset, with glorious rolling clouds in between.

This is the reuslt! (View the set on Flickr)

All shot through the OM2 and Zuiko 24mm or Vivitar 135mm lens.

XP2S-00060 XP2S-00074 XP2S-00072

XP2S-00062 XP2S-00058

XP2S-00047 XP2S-00048

XP2S-00046 XP2S-00044 XP2S-00055

This is just a small selection, the rest can be found on Flickr. Next Time: Pen Yr Orsedd Eureka level!

The Pinstripe Pentax: bored of leatherette?

I sure was! Carbon Fibre vinyl wrap is nothing new to me, I’m a member of various car clubs and it’s a very common aesthetic enhancement ot wrap various car parts in he stuff. (Each to their own I guess, persoanlly I think it’s way over used!)

I began to wonder what an SLR would look like with carbon wrap instead of the oh so familiar and rather dated leathertte, and went googling. Not a lot came back, though I did find many other various coverings applied to poot SLRs, some of which were certainly eye burning! (Red snakeskin? eek)

Fortunatly I have a contact who wraps cars – who offered me a nice offcut, which is big enough to cover many cameras!

For this venture I decided that my Pentax ME would be the victim. It’s a camera I don’t really use, I bought it because it was attached to a lens I wanted, and was cheap. It also had the leatherette peeling off so that was a start already made on the project!

So, step 1: Peel off the old leatehrette. Easy enough, then comes the tedious bit, cleaning up the glue. I used Autoglym Intensive Tar remover for the job, it’s essentialy just label remover/distilled petrolum/lighter fluid in a posh branding.

Then I decided that since the new vinyl may not be removeable, that it was best to chek the camer over mechanically,so popped the top and bottom plates to find everything in really good shape, so just a few drops of oil from a precision oiler to the gearwork and linkages was all that was necessary. Despite it’s battered exterior it has a heart of gold.

Step 2 – the film door. This was badly cuffed up, so I resprayed it. It took 3 attempes. Attempt 1, the paint had gone off, and looked like orange peel. It was also full of dust because it took so long to dry! So I sanded it down again, and sprayed with a fresh can. it looked great – for around 20 seconds till it reacted with the old paint and crackled! This time I took out the paint stripper on it and repeated the painting, and finally it worked!

Step 3 – the new vinyl. It’s quite easy to work with the new carbon vinyl (I’m using Hexis wrap), as I already had the old leatherette covers as templates it didn’t take long to knock up the new coverings and fit them, and the results I think are rather nice.

Pentax ME Carbon

Pentax ME carbon

It’s all about Film…

Finally got by backside in motion and had the amassing collection of films developed and scanned them. Not such a huge amount of Industrial interest but it’s certainly mostly dark!

Coeden y Dduallt Talyllyn Cavalcade Llyn y Dywarchen a copa'r Wyddfa. ADOX 25 - 00011 The Gears of Industry O'r Lon yn agos i Drws Y Coed

I cannnot wait to enlarge the film collection, it always gie me a great deal more pleasure working on film than it does with digital.