Dinorwic II – XP2 Edition

Spent a couple of days over the last month in Dinorwic with a like minded phtographer for a change! Day 1 was bright but clouds managed to get the better of the light, whilst day 2 started off in drizzle and ended in a beautiful sunset, with glorious rolling clouds in between.

This is the reuslt! (View the set on Flickr)

All shot through the OM2 and Zuiko 24mm or Vivitar 135mm lens.

XP2S-00060 XP2S-00074 XP2S-00072

XP2S-00062 XP2S-00058

XP2S-00047 XP2S-00048

XP2S-00046 XP2S-00044 XP2S-00055

This is just a small selection, the rest can be found on Flickr. Next Time: Pen Yr Orsedd Eureka level!


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