A new favourite

Well it’s been a while since I blogged anything, I’ve been distracted. Firstly there was a wedding shoot that I’d rather not talk about and then a holiday in Cornwall. It’s the latter that concerns us today. By chance quite some time ago I was given some out of date discontinued Kodak T400CN film, the forerunner to BW400CN. It was only on holiday that I finally got to try it out!

Well I’m impressed! It has a vintage feel to it, a lot like Adox, but the grain is fantastic, I’d almost go as far to say as it’d give Ektar a run for it’s money, certainly on my scanner I’d say there’s very little difference between the two.  It does come with a downside, shoot in dull light and you will struggle for contrast unlike XP2 and BW400CN. I reckon that outdoor portraiture with it would be great though.

Still, I think I will be keeping my eyes on ebay for some more – why did I have to find it too late?

Incidentally I shot only film the whole trip, mostly Ektar, some B&W and some Infra Red. Strangely all the shots I thought would be the winners were eclipsed by grab shots I had no expectaions of!

T400CN - 00036 T400CN - 00033
T400CN - 00032 T400CN - 00031
T400CN - 00023 T400CN - 00019 T400CN - 00015
T400CN - 00014 T400CN - 00005
T400CN - 00001 T400CN - 00035 T400CN - 00010
T400CN - 00012 T400CN - 00002
T400CN - 00003 Who will remember them? T400CN - 00006