Digital compacts have come a long way….

My LX5 is actually useable to take photos with, although there is no hope in hell of any shallow depth of field, Being able to use f2 in a landscape situation as if it were F11 is very useful for situations where there’s no time to set up tripods and such like.

Here’s a few examples from Dinorwic Quarry, all shot handheld ISO 200 and at f2 (or whatever it stops down to as you zoom). I leave it in Aperture priority at F2 and never have to worry about it!

Would be nice to see a landscape scene mode where it sets itself to hyperfocal distance and stays there, would certainly speed up shooting in fun changing light!

Great Wall Fox's Path
Rain's Coming Rain's Here!
Pen Garrett Distant Light
Slatey Serpent Nature fights back


2 responses to “Digital compacts have come a long way….

    • I know what you mean RE viewfinder, I often find myself raising it to my eye and wondering why I can’t see anything!

      Have to say though the screen is much improved over the GH1, I couldn’t use that frame a shot I had to use the EVF.

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