Trwyn Llanbedrog I – Gwaith Canol

A small local trip, to a place not very far from my home yet somehwere I have not been before – Trwyn Llanbedrog. The idea was simple – check out whether it’ worth a return visit! Naturally, I took pictures this time round too! The wind was biting, despite the beautiful cloudless sky! (You won’t hear me say beautiful and cloudless often!)

Gwaith Canol is one of many small scale granite quarries on the headland, but it has left the most photogenic set of remains – those of it’s jetty on what is now known as Quarry Beach. Between 1885 and 1921 it was operated by Llanbedrog Granite Co. Ltd, and was likely in the hands of 1873 Llanbedrog Quarry Co. Ltd before that. Between 1895 and 1900 the agent was a Thomas Lee Roberts, who was also fiddling around with other mineral prospects in the county.

Island Shadow II Island Shadows

The technicalities: Pentax LX with SMC-M 50mm f1.4 shot onto Kodak BW400CN film at EI50 (Red Filter in place), developed in Caffenol CH 1+1 dilution for 16 minutes. There was a little isue with uneven development which I reckon was down to the dilution of Sodium Bromide, will use a little extra next time to make up for it.


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