I Finally did it!

Edited this image!

River of Light

What’s so special about that? Not a lot really, but for some reason it has taken many, many attempts to get right. It was a fleeting moment of light that the camera could not keep within it’s dynamic range, and unfortunately because it was so fleeting there was no chance to bracket shots, in fact I can recall running, ducking weaving and all manner of funny manouvers to get the shot!

The detail was in the raw file, but only just, and no matter how much I fiddled with curves or attempted a recovery with Photomatix (a real last resort for me!) nothing could bring it back to life. Until this week, when a concerted effort across 6 different versions based on the rawfile and a further 3 based on Photomatix’s efforts all blended together across inumerable layers in PSP, and finally, it looks as it was intended!

So good folk, determination does eventually pay off!

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