Windows 7 drivers for Minolta scanners

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about making old Minolta scanners to work on Windows 7 (or Vista for that matter) but it’s actually straightforward enough They run fine under Vuescan as is, but to use the Minolta software you need a new driver – here.

To install run the Minolta software installer. Make sure the scanner is not connected. Once installed and rebooted, plug the scanner in and fire it up. The Minolta software will say there’s nothing connected, Windows will ask you for drivers. Point them to the inf file linked at the top, let it install and job done. Restart the Minolta software and it will now run like normal.

Hope that’s of use to some of you!

Dinorwic on Ektar

The last couple of rolls of Ektar seem to have missed the processor!

Here’s a few examples. Have to say I’m loving this film under blue skies, not so much under my favourite conditions of cloud cover with sun spots though, it always comes out flat and doesn’t pick out the sunspots at all. Not to worry, I have Velvia for that, and the newly acquired S3 of course 🙂

Transformer Ceiliog a'r Wyddfa
Ceiliog Harriett Tested