A day out on the Ffestiniog

Well not on it exactly, but around it! Starting off at Gysgfa, waiting for the 11.35 from Port, and here it is, arriving just in time to be met by a burst of morning sun. Not bad eh?

Lyd at Gysgfa

Then cue showers. Annoying showers of a few drops from nowhere, or a full on 10 second blast of torrential downpour, followed by disaster – batteries! They always die as a train approaches! Fortunately they held out long enough for this shot of Merddin Emrys passing on a down train, at the far end of Gysgfa.

Merddin Emrys at Gysgfa

Then the big decision, hang around for 2 hours for the next trains here, or head off? Well the warm and damp conditions decided that, Mozzies everywhere! So off for a walk up the Vale of Ffestiniog to Dduallt instead. This started well, after a longer shower and I got a little curious and headed fr the top of the Garnedd tunnel. Not an easy place to get to at all and I don’t recommend you try, but It’s a grand view from the top! Unfortunately it now rained non stop for an hour. Great. Still…

Lyd exits Garnedd tunnel Garnedd Tunnel South
Approaching Garnedd Tunnel

The rain cleared completely after Merddin Emrys’ train had made it not a hundred yards past the other side of the tunnel! Most annoying but I’m still very happy with the results achieved in the rain. It really is more of a location for morning trains anyway.

Coed Maentwrog Dduallt Manor

So I carried on up to Dduallt, noting several possible viewpoints along the way. By now the weather was glorious sun, good, I can finally dry out!

Merddin Emrys aproaches Dduallt
Passing Through On the Way Down

The plan had been that there would be shelter at Dduallt if it started raining again, but since it had now become so clear overhead I decided to head back to the Garnedd tunnel and catch Lyd on the up run, since on the down run it completely obscured itself in smoke and steam!

Lyd above Llyn Mair Lyd, Garnedd South

And that was that! The light had now become so harsh I decided not to bother waiting for the return train, and headed off home.