A look back at 2012

Well it is the end of the year afterall! 2012 for me was a year of experimentation, trying new things and learning. Not all has been successful, but hopefully I can use this new found knowledge to good effect in 2013.  The biggest change in 2012 was a move to home developed film. This meant a massive overhaul in gear, losing all my digital gear in favour of  an Olympus OM film system. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake, and I’m now back with a DSLR as well, though film is still one of my main passions in photography.

A Winter's Dream Poochy Two Shot
Rain's Here!
Slatey Serpent Penrhydd Bach
Garrett Inclines II (Ektar) Y Ceiliog Gwyrdd Warren Sunset Goalposts On Stony Ground

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You may have notcied a few changes going on around here of late, so I guess I’d better explain! It seems a few of you are mad enough to want to purchase prints of my work, so I’ve been busy rejigging things to add a store, which is now online and open! I’ve also taken the opportunity to update my online presence with a new domain which now acts as a hub for all my photographic activities, with it’s own gallery of my own selected shots.

Don’t worry I’ll still be aking pictures and posting them when I eventually get round to it, only now you have the chance to hang it on your wall too!

So the important addresses for you:

The home page: www.quarryscapes.co.uk

The Blog: www.quarryscapes.co.uk/blog

The Store: www.quarryscapes.co.uk/store

Enjoy everybody!