A look back at 2012

Well it is the end of the year afterall! 2012 for me was a year of experimentation, trying new things and learning. Not all has been successful, but hopefully I can use this new found knowledge to good effect in 2013.  The biggest change in 2012 was a move to home developed film. This meant a massive overhaul in gear, losing all my digital gear in favour of  an Olympus OM film system. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake, and I’m now back with a DSLR as well, though film is still one of my main passions in photography.

A Winter's Dream Poochy Two Shot
Rain's Here!
Slatey Serpent Penrhydd Bach
Garrett Inclines II (Ektar) Y Ceiliog Gwyrdd Warren Sunset Goalposts On Stony Ground

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Olympic Torch Relay

The torch relay has stirred up a lot of polarised opinions locally, this is after all Gwynedd, where everything from across the border is perceived as evil and even more so if it’s London based! Despite that it is something that isn’t going to happen here again in our lifetime so for that reason I think a lot of people who don’t necessarily support the Olympics turned out for the parade. It was also a beautiful sunny day which probably helped! 🙂

My day started off in Blaenau Ffestiniog, no sign of the usual rain here, I even got sunburnt! (Aside: I got sunburnt in Blaenau last year too!) I’ve never seen Blaenau look so good! I didn’t get as much time as I’d have liked in Blaenau, my own fault I was running late so it was straight off to the FR station to see the torch pass onto the railway.

Hugh Napier Belly of the beast

I spy Press Pit

Hugh Napier was in steam as an advert for the National Trust. Alongside was the official torch bearing train headed by David Lloyd George.

Olympic Relay Train Olympic Torch Relay

Olympic Torch @ Blaenau

Elin Owen from Llanrug took the torch onto the footplate for official press shots. These were perhaps a little ill conceived – the overhead lunchtime sun casting awkward shadows across her face. Perhaps the official train should have been across the platform in the space ocupied by Hugh Napier? No matter, I was able to pull off a couple of shots thanks to the Fuji’s excellent dynamic range, however the best photo went to Rory Trappe, who caught the moment perfectly!

Anyway,  En route back to Pwllheli I stopped off at Gysgfato catch the train en route, not my finest photo but no one else was bothering…

Olympic relay train in action

And then it was off to Pwllheli, to enjoy a little more of the spectacle in the glorious afternoon sunshine. The whole Llyn peninsula must have been packed into Pwllheli, the place was heaving. Far busier than I ever thought possible!

Keeping up with the younguns  Olympic torch relay @ Pwllheli Coca Cola Getting in the swing

The Crowd
Got your Number

Torch Relay @ Pwllheli

Everyone enjoyed themselves I think, and I’m glad I went!