Infra Red on Film

Finally got round to developing some Rollei IR 400 that had been sat waiting since October. Not only was this a good thing to finally see the images, but it was my first ever home development and the first attempt at using Caffenol.

The first film was given 16minutes, wrong move unfortunately, but the 2nd at 25 minutes was just right. There is also a 3rd at 30 mins but it’s not got a lot of interest on it. Luckily Film no.2 was a real cracker!

Windy Rollei IR 00019
Rollei IR 00010 Rollei IR 00013 Rollei IR 00023
Rollei IR 00017

Now I just need to perfect my Negative handling as I’ve noticed a fair few drying marks and so on, although dust is considerably less than the labs I’ve previously used!