I’m Alan (or Richard or Ray – don’t ask) , and my passion is photography. Well actually it’s anything mechanical, which includes cameras and what I point them at!

I’m from Pwllheli in that old Welsh kingdom of Gwynedd, and it was in this backward county I fell in love with derelict quarries. My first ‘experience’ was at the Welsh Slate Museum in Llanberis, where a trip through the arch into the Vivian quarry had me in awe at the sheer cliffs and that wonderful old rubbish wagon suspended above the flooded pit. Ever since then I’ve been hooked.

I left the county for a few years, living in Shropshire and the borders with my now ex Wife, but now I’m back, and the hills and uplands seem more inviting than ever.

Film Is Not Dead


… My Photos

I’d describe my main preference as for images which capture emotion from something that in itself actually has no emotions, perhaps it says  lot about my own self! I have a thing for black and white, but if colour is the order of the day then I like it to be bold but subtle. Hopefully you’ll see this about the place!

Selected Photos are available as prints from my Quarryscapes store

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