Windows 7 drivers for Minolta scanners

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about making old Minolta scanners to work on Windows 7 (or Vista for that matter) but it’s actually straightforward enough They run fine under Vuescan as is, but to use the Minolta software you need a new driver – here.

To install run the Minolta software installer. Make sure the scanner is not connected. Once installed and rebooted, plug the scanner in and fire it up. The Minolta software will say there’s nothing connected, Windows will ask you for drivers. Point them to the inf file linked at the top, let it install and job done. Restart the Minolta software and it will now run like normal.

Hope that’s of use to some of you!


Rainy day lens tests

So I bought one of those Chinese adapaters to allow me to use my old Minolta glass on my Fuji DSLR. It’s got a glass element in it to allow infinity focus, which is also it’s weak link, but I decidd to have a play and see what could be achieved.

On the drawing board

If you can control the lighting it’s actually really rather good when coupled with a Rokkor MC 58mm f1.4 PF lens. It gives a really nice soft dreamy focus – but what is really incredible is despite this softness, it actually outresolves Nikon’s own 50mm and 35mm DX f1.8 lenses! Crazy!

I suppose I shouldn’t really be surprised, I’ve long held Minolta lenses in very high esteem and Nikkors, well not so much.

There is of course a downside. It seems that my beloved 45mm f2 does not work well on this adaptor. It was my favourite lens on m4/3, being ultra sharp and having a wonderful 3D endering. Unfortunately when limited by Chinese milk bottle glass it loses all it’s magic.

Neither lens performs exceptionally in strong light with wide aperture, thanks to the colours bleeding quite badly, but sticking to high key type stuff the 58mm should find a few uses – and it’s still infinitely preferable to a Nikkor 50mm!

On the drawing board II

New Toys

Minolta XD11

This is another little toy to keep me amused – a Minolta XD11 in black, fresh from the states. It appears to have previously been the property of a Mr. Leinwohl of Illinois, wouldn’t it be great if I could find out who that was?

Anyway, I’ve been tinkering and replaced the black dials with chrome ones for a nice old school look and may well carbon wrap it similar to the Pentax ME I did last year.

First thing’ first though, it seems to have a bad earth so it’ll be off to Mr Whitehead for a full service when I get chance.